Paper wobbler

Paper wobbler is a type of POS materials for effective advertising, which has a number of advantages.

  • Mobility. The psychological characteristics of a person make him see primarily mobile objects and only then - static ones. Due to the spring fastening, the advertising wobbler sways and attracts attention.
  • Compact. Small items can be easily attached anywhere and will take up minimal space. In addition, the small format allows you to order the production of paper wobblers in large quantities without spending a lot of money.
  • Versatility. Do you want to advertise a new brand in a supermarket or inform customers about a great discount? You can buy a paper wobbler to promote various services, goods or promotions.

Who should order a paper wobbler?

If you need effective advertising at the point of sale, take a closer look at this type printed products. It is known that wobblers are successfully used in retail outlets. In addition to shops and boutiques, they can be used in cafes and fast foods, gas stations, pharmacies and other establishments that are visited by many people.

Helpful advice: to be sure to stand out and be remembered by the audience, experiment with the design. Thus, it is not necessary to print wobblers of the “regular” round or rectangular shape. You can add asymmetry or make perforation. In addition, carefully consider the color scheme and font design.

Wolf printing offers prompt and high-quality printing of paper wobblers, as well as various post-printing processing options. Place an order on the website, write to our managers or leave a request for a call back. After just 1-3 days, the finished circulation will be waiting for you at a convenient address - at the nearest post office or at our warehouse in Kyiv.

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