About hybrid varnishing

About hybrid varnishing



Our company is the exclusive manufacturer of advertising materials using TWIN SPOT hybrid varnishing technology in Ukraine. An exquisite combination of matte and glossy varnish makes it possible to “revive” drawings, give them volume, highlight details, increase brightness and contrast, emphasizing the tact of the image. Such an advertising masterpiece will help you increase brand awareness and create a modern, stylish and unique image of your company.

The concept of “hybrid” comes from Latin and means “composed of miscellaneous." Hybrid printing “TWIN-SPOT” represents precisely the combination of two, at first glance, incompatible effects, matte and glossy varnish. Hybrid printing makes it possible to “revive” drawings, highlight details, add volume, increase the brightness and contrast of the image, and also feel the “plastic” effect on paper. The originality of hybrid printing lies in the fact that it allows you to perfectly combine fine details of selective varnishing (when on one sheet there are thin, voluminous, “live” areas with a high degree of gloss and areas with an “orange peel” effect)

Advantages of hybrid printing:

  • Allows you to perfectly combine thin details of selective varnishing;
  • Allows you to control attention by highlighting the necessary details;
  • The absence of glare increases the high readability and visibility of the advertising message;
  • New creative ideas are discovered in design of drawings, logos and strokes on advertising products, albums, magazines, calendars...;
  • Thanks to our KBA Rapida 74-5 machine, printing is carried out “in line” and the sheets come out of the machine dry, ready for post-printing processing, as a result of which the circulation is produced in the fastest possible time in Kyiv;
  • There are no problems with applying varnish to paper.


Advertising printing, magazine covers and annual reports, booklets, calendars, folders and etc. – today it is no longer possible to imagine these products without continuous and selective varnishing. Hybrid printing expands the boundaries of what is possible and allows you not only to highlight the necessary subjects with gloss, but also to combine them with matte effects and relief elements. It is impossible to achieve similar combinations with a similar degree of accuracy, for the same money and in the same time period using other equipment. Hybrid printing demonstrates excellent results when printing on single-sided coated cardboard and on double-layer glued single-sided coated boxboard.


In the Wolf printing house, the hybrid printing process takes place on five-section sheet-fed offset press KBA Rapida 74-5+L format B2 (520x740 mm) with a varnishing section and a double extended delivery. Fundamentally, the configuration of equipment for printing with hybrid inks is no different from traditional ones. In the fifth section, in addition to CMYK colors, additional ink or offset varnish can be used to obtain a selective glossy effect on prints. After the fifth section there is a built-in UV dryer, followed by a varnishing section with a double recirculation system - for a quick (up to 10 minutes) transition from one type of varnish to another (VD and UV). Finally, in the extended receiving area there is a system for blowing prints with hot air along with IR dryers, necessary when printing with traditional offset inks and high-pressure varnish, and at the output there is a final UV dryer.