What are prefabricated runs

Assemblies are a printing method in which multiple jobs are printed together on the same sheet of paper or in the same run. In this way, in assemblies, production costs are spread across multiple projects, which reduces the unit cost of production.

As a rule, assembly is performed by offset method. The strong point of this technology is its affordable cost for large print runs and first-class quality, while the weak point is the significant labor costs of setting up the printing equipment.

For small and medium runs, the set-up process can take longer than the actual production cycle. Assembling can offset this disadvantage and reduce the cost of each print. Previously, not every company could afford full-color production, and even with selective gloss - now it is available.

In order to "assemble" several print runs into one, they must have the same technical characteristics: color, paper, postpress finishing, for example, selective gloss. In most cases, assemblies involve printing in four colors. Wolf Printing offers collated runs with many different styles and finishes to meet the needs of any business: hybrid printing, selective gloss, relief varnish - there's plenty to choose from.

Imagine driving somewhere far away and taking a traveling companion with you to share the cost of gasoline. It's roughly the same in printing assemblies. Only you don't need to look for a traveling companion. The innovative software itself selects orders with the same characteristics - paper, number of colors, post-press finishing.


Advantages of prefabricated print runs

Assembled print runs are very profitable. You get first-class printing at affordable prices. Now you don't have to be afraid that you will have to order printing in too large print runs to reduce the cost of a print. With assemblies you can afford almost any product, including those with unique finishes. Whether you want to apply selective gloss, embossed lacquer or noble matte, welcome!

And the printing of prefabricated runs is also extremely fast. As is most often needed: "for yesterday"!


Examples of goods

Any printed products are suitable for prefabricated runs. Most often sheet products are printed in assemblies - business cards, flyers, leaflets, booklets. But can be produced and multi-page - for example, brochures at favorable prices. The main thing is to match the technical requirements: colorfulness, availability of special inks, selective or solid gloss or matte.


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