SoftTouch printing technology

SoftTouch printing technology



Butterfly is a completely new, innovative type of paper created by the all-Ukrainian network Wolf Printing House

< p>Thanks to the Soft Touch technology developed by Wolf Printing House specialists, Buttefly paper has no analogues in its product category on the world market.

Buttefly paper is an amazingly soft surface that will not leave you indifferent no one: you just need to touch it once and you will realize the endless tactile advantages compared to plain paper. Wolf Printing House provides the ability to print almost any product on this paper.

With Buttefly paper, your advertising products will be able to solve one of the most important and key tasks - your advertising will be remembered. With the help of the tactile properties of the material, the effectiveness of advertising can increase significantly. Just imagine: now even the simplest flyer can become a powerful advertising medium.

Wolf Printing House gives you the opportunity to evaluate a paper sample Butterfly in any branch of the all-Ukrainian branch network