Dropshipping. Start.

Dropshipping. Start.


For our wholesale buyers, a new opportunity has appeared to look at business from a different angle - Dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model in which the seller does not holds goods in warehouse and instead directly transmits customer orders and shipping details to the supplier, who ships the goods directly to customers. This allows the seller to focus on marketing and sales without worrying about logistics and inventory management.

That is, the seller does not worry about production, equipment, logistics. The production and delivery of the order to the client is completely borne by the contractor.

How to get started?

We tried to simplify all the preliminary stages as much as possible so that you can focus exclusively on sales:

  1. Register a domain name, set it to our IP address;
  2. Add a website in the Dropshipping settings. You set it up, set your markup, add products to the main page;
  3. We check the site and if everything is fine, we activate it.

After that, any client can buy an order for your website, which will immediately go into production. 

How does it work?

  1. The client goes to your website, selects a product, places an order, pays for it;
  2. We We prepare the order and send it to your client;
  3. After this, the amount of your markup is credited to your balance.

What products can be sold?

Any products presented on our website. You simply find a product in our online store that you want to display, select the default parameters (paper, coating, circulation), then copy the link and add it as a button on the main page. 

What will your showcase look like?

Here is a demo site: https:// limon.ua