Printing calendars at Wolf Printing House

No home or office is complete without a calendar. Therefore, today, to promote your product or service, calendars are the most successful printing product. The printing house "Wolf" produces calendars with the company logo to order from 10 to 1000 or more copies. We have the most affordable and competitive prices, high-quality materials. The use of safe and environmentally friendly materials, new technologies, and the availability of modern equipment with digital printing allow us to say that the products of our Wolf printing house meet all European standards.

Printing and production of calendars - any format

A beautiful and expensive-looking calendar will not be thrown into a far corner, like an advertising brochure or booklet, but will hang on the wall, or will stand on the table for a whole year. This means that the company will have a greater chance of attracting attention, because within a year someone may probably need its proposal, especially if it is well designed and lists all the company’s services and its contact details.
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Have you ever noticed how often we all use calendars? Even if it seems to us that we remember the date of the day and the day of the week, we still check with them and do it every day.

A pocket calendar is used by everyone, like a bookmark calendar, like a bookmark in a weekly planner , book or magazine, and a way to check the necessary dates, as well as a desk calendar. Printed calendars with photographs, which are produced in our company, in addition to advertising and basic functions, also serve as decoration in any office. Pocket calendars are used in advertising as often as business cards, and they are even somewhat similar. Calendars are so multifunctional that it is simply impossible to imagine your life without them. That is why advertising on calendars gives the greatest results in promotion, and is popular in advertising and political campaigns during elections. By ordering the production and printing of calendars (cheaply) from the Wolf printing house, you will become the owner of high-quality products at a competitive price.

When a small and just developing business requires shock methods of “promotion”, we have and urgent printing of pocket calendars, at a low cost, and in several design options.

Order wall, table and pocket calendars from the Wolf printing house! Entrust this job to the best!

Whether you are running an advertising campaign or simply want to promote your products on the market, printing and manufacturing wall desk calendars will definitely be on the list of your top priorities. And you should trust such work only to those who can do it profitably, quickly and efficiently! At the Wolf printing house you can order the printing and production of quarterly calendars inexpensively, directly on the website. For this, we have developed a special table that is very convenient for the customer!

First of all, go to our website – and register. Then find the “Calendars” category in the products section and go to this page. You can order by simply clicking on the price indicated in the table on the page. The price of the order depends on the circulation, the material you choose and the design of the calendar. And this can be either a small circulation, an economy option or a large-circulation order for printing desktop calendars of houses and pyramids online using the innovative “TWIN-SPOT” technology. After choosing a price, proceed to the second stage of the order, namely downloading the layout of your calendar. Then pay for the order, within 1-5 days it will be printed and delivered to you.

What to do if you do not have a ready-made layout to order printing of desk calendars? And you can't make it yourself? Then you just need to contact professional designers on our Design Exchange portal, with which a large number of talented and creative craftsmen cooperate and are ready to help you. By contacting the Design Exchange, you set the price for the design and production time yourself. Describe what you want to receive. After which you will receive several proposals from designers, from which you will choose the layouts you like best and put them into work, having previously paid for the placed order for the production and printing of A3, A2, A1 calendars. From the moment the work is launched and completed, no more than 5 calendar days pass.

Branches of the Wolf printing house are located in many cities of Ukraine and in each of them you can order printing and production of calendars. Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lvov is not a complete list of cities in which we have satisfied clients.

When making your own layout, you should study the tab with " Technical requirements" or a special section of the site "Preparation of a layout". Any technical inaccuracies, incorrect format of the layout (the file in which it will be provided), design or permission can lead to defects during manufacturing. In the section on “Preparation of the layout” all requirements are indicated point by point. If you make a mistake, it will be corrected, but it will take more time from our employees and increase the period of work.

The section of our website “Terms of Payment and Delivery” allows our customers to familiarize themselves with the conditions in more detail payment for the order and its delivery. By ordering the printing of quarterly and pocket calendars, you can pay for the order in cash, by bank transfer or using electronic money. Delivery of products will be free in Kyiv; we deliver orders to all cities of Ukraine with the help of our partner “Novaya Poshta”.