Elastic folders

Plastic document folders with elastic bands are a convenient office accessory for business purposes

A plastic folder is one of the most convenient options for securely storing and transporting documents or other paper products. The properties of plastic reliably protect the contents from moisture, fats, chemicals, as well as a dense shell that prevents damage to documents, ensures their storage in proper form, maintaining presentability and integrity.

Models with elastic bands are very convenient in terms of quickly fixing and opening the cover of the case, while guaranteeing a tight fit and preventing documents of even the smallest formats from falling out. Depending on the size of the stored paper products, it is recommended to select folders of the appropriate format. The most common are A4, but A3 and A5 folders are also in great demand. Unlike paper envelopes and thin polyethylene files, plastic has increased wear resistance. It will last a long time even with intensive use.

Buy high-quality elastic folders from the Wolf printing house (Kiev)

Our website offers tinted Professional, Barocco, Jobmax folders in various formats, plain or with a soft texture (Barocco), made of high quality plastic, environmentally friendly, completely safe for health. The models are equipped with a high-quality elastic band that can withstand numerous tensions without sagging and tightly fitting the corners of the folder. Compact dimensions, laconic design, strength of material and fittings will ensure maximum comfort during operation.

The price for a folder with elastic bands is indicated directly in the description. Additional discounts are offered on many models. You can purchase plastic envelopes in several colors in bulk, which will make it easier to sort documents and quickly identify them. In addition, the cost of the folder does not depend on the color. Unlike files, plastic folders with an elastic band are very spacious, allowing you to easily pack up to 50-100 office sheets, place small catalogs, albums, presentation materials, sets of paper samples and other voluminous documents.

Wolf company is reliable partner in business

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