Paper trays

Order in the workplace

The habit of keeping things in order always works in a person’s favor, since the one who always puts everything “on the shelves” quickly finds the necessary supplies and documents.

There are various ways to store documents. This can be done using folders, binders, or by placing papers in a tray. However, in order to get the required document from the folder, you need to open it, find the required papers, and then close it. And in the case of a folder, you can also take documents out of the file and then put them in it. In a hurry, files get torn, papers get bent and it becomes difficult to put them back into the file. In short, several minor problems are created.

Using a paper tray can solve most of these problems. The documents are organized but freely accessible, and if you use trays of different colors, you can always quickly find the section you need.

Paper trays in the Wolf printing house online store (Kyiv, Ukraine)

We offer a wide selection of paper trays. The section presents options, each of which is designed to store a certain number of documents. Available in both vertical and horizontal models. The choice in this case depends on the individual preferences of the buyer, as well as on the characteristics of the workplace: it should be taken into account in what position this container will not interfere with a person’s work.

The services of our online store allow you to buy paper trays at competitive prices with delivery throughout Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, the price of the service is determined individually. Also, each buyer can pick up the order independently from our Kyiv warehouse, which is located at: st. Marshala Grechko, 13. Directions can be seen on the website.

Range of services of the Wolf printing house

Selling things useful for household and office work is not the only service we provide. On the website you can also familiarize yourself with the range of services of the Wolf printing house. From us you can order printing of printed products of any type, as well as use the services of the Wolf Design Exchange, which will help you design printed products in the best possible way.

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