Gift pens

Stationery as a gift

The image of a businessman or business person consists of details. It is difficult to imagine a person who owns a serious business with a Chinese electronic watch on his hand or a pen for a few hryvnia.

Despite the abundance of office equipment for printing various documents and letters, as well as the possibility of digital signature, a pen is still It will be a sought-after office stationery item for a long time. And a congratulation written by hand will always be perceived differently than in electronic form. In addition, office equipment may be out of reach, but a pen is always at hand, it does not take up much space and will be useful for writing reminders in a diary or signing contracts.

A stylish ballpoint pen or set from several items - this is a worthy gift for people in leadership positions, partners, teachers. The only condition is the high quality of the gift.

How to give

As with any gift, appearance is of great importance, because this is the first thing the person receiving the gift will see . A gift set for writing, packed in an original case or case, looks presentable and leaves no doubt about the quality of the contents. Gift packaging should be discreet and concise. Decoration with bows or bright paper is not recommended.

You can give the set either in a small bag made of laminated cardboard with handles, or without any packaging, both options are acceptable. If you are giving ballpoint pens, it is better if they are made of metal with a laconic design, in a restrained color scheme (for example, black or steel) - this is always a win-win option. Well, if you want to make a personalized gift, order laser engraving with the initials of the future owner or a short congratulation. Perhaps such a gift will not be used for its intended purpose, but it will always remind you of the event for which it was presented.

Gift sets of pens at the Wolf printing house

Printing house "Wolf" (Kiev) offers gift sets of ballpoint pens with shipping throughout Ukraine. On the website you can purchase sets in a box, which comes with a pen case, or directly in an artificial leather case. To make your writing instruments original, you can order a company logo or name. To provide this service, you will need a layout, which you can send to our email. In the event that the original layout is missing, you can contact the Wolf Design Design Exchange service for its development.

Orders are shipped by Nova Poshta within one to two days , and for those who live in Kiev, pickup from the company’s office is available. Payment is accepted using electronic payment systems or by bank transfer.