Hole punchers

Hole Punch

A hand-held paper hole punch is a useful tool when you need to punch a lot of small holes. This device is very convenient and sometimes irreplaceable, as it makes it easier to include printed materials in office manuals and other important folders. Simply insert one or more pages into the hole punch and squeeze to create neat, clean binding holes.

These versatile tools can make document organization a breeze. You can choose options of various shapes and sizes based on your own wishes. You can buy a paper hole punch at an affordable price in the Wolf online store (Kyiv, Ukraine)

What are the advantages of using a hole punch

  • Quick paper preparation. Hole punches allow you to quickly prepare pages for binding or use them with metal rings. The sharp cutting edges of the punches allow you to easily press metal through paper. Many machines feature rugged construction that requires little maintenance to ensure consistent cut quality across countless applications;
  • High capacity and low price. Many punches boast a huge page capacity, allowing you to quickly and efficiently punch holes on a ream of paper at once, reducing the amount of effort required to complete large paper projects. This saves time, allowing you to do your job more efficiently. In the Wolf printing catalog you can find copies with a capacity of 10 to 70 sheets;
  • Easy cleaning. Hole punchers typically have internal storage areas that collect the punched pieces of paper to prevent them from scattering around your desk or work area. These containers can be emptied quickly and easily by removing the rubber base or flipping the special toggle switch;
  • Adjustable guides. Modern hole punches have adjustable guides that make it even easier to ensure that you get the same perforations on all of your pages. The use of constant spacing ensures that printed publications will look professional and neat.

Where in Ukraine to order a hole punch at an affordable cost

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