A stapler is a necessary device in every office

The paper stapler is used by office workers and students, because it is convenient and practical. Thanks to the technology and lightweight design of the stapler, it can effortlessly staple documents up to 240 sheets.

The cost of a stapler directly depends on the quality of its performance. Thus, plastic staplers are cheap, but they connect more than 20 sheets; these are usually used by schoolchildren and students to file their works. Office models, which are expected to bear regular load, are usually made of metal; they can stitch a different number of sheets, which depends on the size of the staples used.

Size of office staples

Office staples are metal wire that is bent in a certain way and connected into plates containing 50 pieces each. Thanks to the given thickness and length of the legs, the staple can connect a certain number of sheets. When making a stapler, the number of staples that can be used with it is indicated on it to obtain a high-quality connection. This marking is usually located near the staple cartridge where the staples are placed.

The most common sizes of staples used are No. 24 and No. 26, they allow you to fasten up to 25 sheets. We do not recommend neglecting the manufacturer's recommendations and using a different number of staples, because then you will not get a high-quality connection or even damage the stapler.

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