Paper folders

Paper folders

Despite the growing popularity of colorful plastic products, an ordinary paper folder is not losing its position. As a result of the activities of any enterprise (organization, institution, office), a huge amount of various correspondence, documents, tables, graphs, receipts, checks, work plans and reports accumulates, which must be preserved in case of inspection or litigation. An ordinary office supply - a folder - becomes an indispensable attribute when you need to systematize and ensure the storage of documents confirming the completion of certain actions.

You can avoid conflicts between employees of the same team in the process of searching for the necessary “paper” if you initially organize work in such a way that each waste material has a place of “permanent dislocation”, in accordance with a specific topic or task. You can systematize valuable information using cheap and unpretentious paper folders with drawstrings or equipped with a special binder. To create an organized personal archive, it is enough to arrange the used material into separate “drives” and make an appropriate inscription on their “front” surface.

Ordering procedure

Before purchasing folders, you need to decide on their purpose:

  • products are suitable for filing disparate documents on one topic or a specific “operation” with a metal folder;
  • For long-term storage of documents from a series of quarterly, annual accounting reports or completed legal issues, folders made of durable cardboard with ties are useful.

You can buy a paper folder of a certain type on the website The company has developed a convenient navigation system for the electronic catalog, which allows you to quickly filter the necessary office supplies. At the client’s request, Wiolf Design Exchange specialists will develop an exclusive product design that will help quickly find folders with a certain type of documentation. You can contact representatives of the printing house in any convenient way:

  • by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website;
  • by sending an email via the Internet applications Viber, Telegram, Facebook;
  • using the option “Call back? »

Company managers will place an order for the required circulation of the selected product and ensure control over the delivery of finished products to the nearest Novaya Poshta branch.

Comfortable conditions for cooperation

The advent of the Internet has reduced the number of direct contacts between people, but at the same time expanded the opportunities for making purchases and ordering certain types of services. Today it is quite possible to order printing work remotely by providing the manufacturing company with your own “layout” and stipulating the details of cooperation using an online service. The Wolf online store not only offers a wide range of products at competitive prices, but also provides its customers with the opportunity to realize their own ideas when placing an order.

There are several convenient ways to pay for finished products:

  • via electronic payment systems;
  • cash;
  • bank cards.

We provide discounts to wholesale buyers. We comply with legal requirements regarding the exchange/return of goods within 14 days from the date of sale.