Notebooks and notepads

In the modern times of digital technology, some things from the past have faded into the background as unnecessary. For example, the telephone book has practically lost its relevance. But just twenty years ago, people scrupulously wrote down phone numbers in it and always carried it with them.

But some things still remain irreplaceable; even the owner of the most sophisticated gadget will find it difficult to do without them. A notebook is something that remains unchanged and important for a business person, teacher, student. She is not afraid of failures, unlike electronics. In a notebook, you can make work notes and keep personal notes or briefly jot down ideas that arise. A notepad for writing will not fail at the right time, because it does not have a battery that can run out, it is always at hand and does not take up much space.

Format and content of the notebook< /h2>

You can order a notebook or notepad of various formats and designs by visiting the online store of the Wolf company (Kyiv). Here are books for notes in A4, A5, A6 formats, in different colors and price ranges. Without exception, all models are equipped with an elastic band that protects the notebook from sudden opening and, at the same time, serves as a bookmark. There are also options for notebooks with a button on sale.

Notepads presented on the website are distinguished by high quality workmanship and a stylish appearance. The sheets can be lined, squared, or unlined. A convenient notepad with a laconic design can be your reliable companion at business meetings or on long trips and will help you not to forget a thought that suddenly comes to mind. A pocket notebook is your personal assistant, securely storing secrets, ideas and plans.

Payment and delivery

High-quality notebooks are available purchase from the Wolf printing house (Ukraine) quickly and conveniently. If you want to put a company logo or other type of printing on a notebook, then the printing house is ready to fulfill this order after providing a layout. If there is no ready-made layout, you can count on its development by contacting the Wolf Design Design Exchange service.

Payment for the order is carried out using the Privat24 payment banking system or using electronic systems payments according to the details provided by the company. For legal entities, it is possible to pay to a bank account. Delivery of orders is carried out by the transport company "Nova Poshta". Residents of Kyiv can independently pick up their order from the company’s office with prior agreement with the manager.