Proofreader (office proofreader)

Correcting means

Corrector, or putty, is an office supply designed to correct errors in notebooks, school journals, receipts, business papers, statements and various kinds of documents. In the modern world of written documentation, it is very difficult to do without an assistant - a proofreader, who would help correct unintentional errors in the letter.

The corrector is a bottle with a special quick-hardening white liquid. It must be applied to the mistakenly written symbol and wait until the liquid dries. It works almost instantly: after a couple of minutes, you can again write on the dried sheet with a pen or pencil.

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Types of proofreaders

There are many types of proofreaders that differ in the principle of their actions. The most popular of them are “liquid”, “tape” and “pen”. For certain purposes, one or another option will be preferable. Please review the accessories before making your selection.

  • The “pen” is a stroke-corrector in the form of a fountain pen: the user “writes” on paper with it, and a white correction liquid is released from the rod. The liquid is contained in a reservoir and is automatically supplied to the tip as it moves across the paper. The accessory has a cap to prevent the tip from drying out. This type is used to accurately correct large areas of handwritten text in notebooks or on paper.
  • Liquid. It consists of a small plastic bottle and a brush. This type of corrector is relevant for accurate spot correction of errors on paper: numbers in receipt cells or individual characters in documents.
  • Tape. A type of corrector that is actively gaining popularity. He simply sticks adhesive tape on the desired area: as a result, a smooth, clean surface appears at the site of the error. This type is most convenient for correcting incorrect information in receipts, statements and other important documents. Each accessory has its own footage - a supply of adhesive tape.

    Correctors are suitable for correcting texts not only in notebooks, but also on other types of paper. The price of the product directly depends on the capacity of the tank and the manufacturing company. high-level customer service

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