Flash drives

Miniature archive for valuable information

Today it is impossible to believe that just half a century ago the majority of the world's population did not use computers. In their quest for super-profits, modern manufacturers of computer systems invent devices that provide not only free access to the global network, but also allow you to store a real “bank” of all kinds of information in your “pocket”. The 8 GB USB flash drive is a compact little thing that easily fits in the palm of your hand, wallet or pocket. An indispensable attribute of digital life is intended for:

  • exchange of information between computer devices;
  • storage of application programs and large volumes of texts, music, images, videos;
  • installation of operating systems, etc.

The main advantage of a USB flash drive is its high data transfer speed and resistance to mechanical damage. The product is an indispensable “ally” of any computer device and will be a wonderful gift for the user, regardless of his age and status.

To find out how much an 8 GB usb flash drive costs, just go to the Internet and analyze the offers of online resources specializing in the sale of computer components or mobile phones. The cost of a USB flash drive depends on the amount of memory (gig), for example, buying an 8 GB product in the Wolf online store will cost more than 20% less than in other retail outlets.

Flash drive - mini-billboard for outdoor advertising

The flash drive case (8GB or other gig capacity) consists of two flat panels fastened together, which can be used to apply any advertising information, company logo or motto, phone number or e-mail. The memory drive, as a reusable item, has a long service life and is perfect for the role of a kind of business card. The Wolf printing house offers its customers a two-in-one purchase. In the company’s electronic catalog, you can select a suitable model of an 8G flash drive and order a custom-designed advertising “mock-up” to be applied to its surface, or use the services of a professional designer. For a small amount of money, it is easy to organize a powerful advertising campaign that will ensure recognition of a particular brand and increase the level of sales of goods/services.

The printing house uses several types of printing (silk-screen printing, pad printing, laser), depending on the material of the surface being processed (plastic, metal). Our specialists are ready to fulfill an order of any complexity:

  • with a different palette of colors;
  • with a three-dimensional or glow-in-the-dark image (text);
  • with accurate reproduction of small details, etc.

On the website wolf.ua (Kiev) you can not only buy a USB flash drive (8/16 G, wholesale , retail) at the best price with delivery to Kharkov or another region of Ukraine, but also order certain advertising to be applied to its surface. Even if the customer does not have his own idea for designing a flash drive, the company offers to use the special service “Wolf Design Exchange”.

Unique advertising opportunities with minimal costs

Wolf printing house (Ukraine) operates in the printing market for more than 20 years. The company's staff consists of highly qualified specialists, and its own fleet of modern equipment allows us to carry out a full range of printing works aimed at bringing our clients' ideas to life. You can place an order online by uploading your own advertising layout and selecting the appropriate parameters (number of products, production time, text/logo application option). The website wolf.ua presents a large assortment of products that can be used for advertising purposes (stationery, cosmetic bags, bags, notepads, mugs, etc.). To communicate with the manager, the following are provided:

  • telephone (calls within Ukraine are free)
  • “feedback” button;
  • via the Internet (Viber/Facebook/Telegram).

We accept payment for finished products: by plastic card (via a terminal or online banking), cash (pickup) or cash on delivery (at the branch of the road carrier “Novaya Poshta”).