Even a long time ago, wooden abacus, slide rule and other hand tools were used as the main tool for implementing formulas for addition, subtraction, exponentiation, multiplication and division. The invention of the calculator accelerated the process of performing mathematical calculations of any complexity.

A modern standard device consists of a housing, an electronic chip, a keyboard, a display, and a battery (battery, accumulator). Pressing the keyboard buttons allows you to enter numbers displayed on the screen and perform a specific operation. Using the calculator, it is easy to calculate the cost of the services provided, the amount of building materials needed to repair a building or premises, the amount of cash payments on a bank deposit, etc.

Classification of products

Depending on areas of use, calculators are:

  • simple - for household needs, school students, universities, etc.;
  • accounting - used to make calculations related to finance, and have additional keys for accelerated entry of large sums of money;
  • financial – ensure the implementation of financial calculations characteristic of the banking sector of the economy;
  • engineering - focused on complex calculations;
  • software – with expanded functionality (input, editing), equipped with connectors for connecting additional devices and memory that allows you to repeat a previously entered program many times;
  • graphic - capable of reproducing graphs and images;
  • with a printing mechanism, which allows you to display the calculation result on a sheet of paper.

According to its design, the computing device can be intended for use on an office desk or mobile (pocket). Today you can place an order for the purchase of a calculator remotely, through the online service. To buy a calculator in Ukraine with a favorable price/quality ratio, just use the offers of the online store (Kyiv), choose the appropriate model and order its delivery to any location in the country. The store offers models in a wide range of colors. The cost of a calculator depends on its type, bit depth (8.12, 14, 10.16), number of functions.

Online store of the printing house "Wolf" - an accessible service for organizing an advertising campaign

< p> When placing an order for the purchase of calculators or other goods in the Wolf store (Ukraine), you can simultaneously use the services of the Wolf Design service. The presence in the company's structure of its own printing house, equipped with modern equipment, and a staff of professional designers allows us to implement tasks of any complexity in practice:

  • applying a company logo to the product;
  • design development based on the customer’s layout;
  • printing of any complexity (silk-screen printing, offset, etc.);
  • additional image processing (lamination, embossing).

The company's office is located in Kyiv, which does not prevent our clients from discussing the details of the planned transaction by telephone or by sending an email. We provide delivery of products throughout Ukraine by trucking companies. We accept payment: by bank cards (Visa/MasterCard), via Privat24 Internet banking, in Privatbank terminals, by bank transfer (for legal entities).