Detergents and cleaning products

Household chemicals: detergents and cleaners

The word “cleaning” came into our lives from the English language and means cleaning or cleaning. The cleaning business in Ukraine is just gaining momentum and is a fairly promising area. Considering that cleanliness is an integral attribute of any household, office or industrial premises, it is always necessary to have a special detergent or household cleaning product on hand. To achieve perfect cleanliness, it is enough to use special compounds during the cleaning process that provide an effective “fight” against mold, fungi and other microorganisms harmful to health.

Modern cleaning cannot be imagined without chemistry: powders, gels, liquids, creams, granules, aerosols, etc. Prices for household detergents and cleaning products are affordable, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to plain or soapy water. The main components of chemical compositions are:

  • surfactants that weaken the contact between contamination and the surface;
  • fillers that change the properties of the mixture;
  • buffer additives that regulate the pH value;
  • dyes;
  • fragrances that give a specific smell;
  • thickeners that increase viscosity;
  • antifreeze that prevents freezing.

Considering that many of the listed substances can cause harm to the human body, when using household chemicals, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions specified on packaging.

Types of correctors

Household chemicals have firmly entered our lives, which is confirmed by the high demand for products in this category. In the cleaning process, as a rule, two types of chemicals are used: detergents and detergents. The price of products designed for impeccable cleaning does not require large expenses if you buy the necessary goods in bulk or through online resources. Buying online saves time and money, and the quality of the mixtures sold is beyond doubt, as it is confirmed by the manufacturer.

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