Staples for staplers

Staples for staplers

In the arsenal of almost every office worker there is a special tool with which you can fasten and thereby systematize business correspondence, documents, reports, instructions, etc. A stapler is a mechanism that ensures continuous stitching of paper sheets with staples. The bracket for the stapler passes right through the stack of sheets and rests against a metal bumper plate. The horizontal plate has two small recesses that ensure the correct bending of the “legs.”

In the process of making office staples, metal wire of the same diameter is used. More durable products are made from stainless steel, less reliable ones are made from aluminum. In order to protect the consumable from environmental influences and rust, an anti-corrosion coating is applied to its surface:

  • zinc plating;
  • copper plating;
  • nickel plating.

One pack contains 20 plates, each consisting of 50 staples glued together. By loading a whole plate of staples into a mechanical stapler at once, the consumer can staple for a fairly long period of time without controlling the number of fasteners remaining in the mechanism. Of no small importance is the correct sharpening of the legs of the paper clip, which makes it easier to puncture the paper.

Features of the products

When choosing staples for a specific stapler, you need to know exactly the operational characteristics of the latter. An incorrectly selected consumable caliber can cause poor-quality fastening, failure of the “clamping” mechanism, or injury. When choosing the appropriate size, you should take into account the number and density of sheets of paper to be stapled. The packaging of the staples contains the following information:

  • size of the staple;
  • manufacturer;
  • material of manufacture;
  • coating (if available);
  • sharpening option (if available).

If you have to use the stapler quite rarely, it is enough to have inexpensive aluminum consumables in reserve. Working with documents on a regular basis requires more durable fasteners that guarantee high-quality results.

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