Reflective vests

Products with reflective elements

The chances of being hit by vehicles as a pedestrian, jogger or biker increase dramatically at certain times of the day. In fact, a huge number of accidents occur at dawn, dusk or at night. These statistics highlight the importance of wearing the right reflective clothing.

The right protective clothing can mean the difference between being seen and tragedy. By using reflective items, you avoid being invisible to drivers, especially during low light periods during the day and night. Also important is the color of clothing. Fluorescent colors work well in daylight, while signal reflective stripes on the same clothing produce results at night.

Where to buy a signal vest with reflective stripes at an affordable price

Find and purchase this type of clothing It won’t be difficult - you can do it in the Wolf online store. We offer items that are highly reflective because they have small glass pearls embedded in them. They reflect all the light that hits them from any angle. Since these elements return light in the direction of the source, motorists will always see an object directed towards them.

In the Wolf printing catalog you can order vests for adults and children, as well as waist bags. Fabric – polyester and lycra. In addition to direct purchase, we offer printing (thermal transfer or silk-screen printing) to use clothing as advertising. Such things are actively used not only by workers of road services, gas stations, traffic police, but also by cyclists.

Make sure of the importance of advertising with the Wolf printing house

If you think that business is lacking outdoor advertising, pay attention to the offers of the online printing house "Wolf". We know how to create truly noticeable, but unobtrusive advertising on a wide variety of things, souvenirs, books and stationery. Considerable experience in the printing industry and affordable prices make us a highly competitive company worthy of customer attention.

You can register as a wholesale or retail buyer. Also, don't forget to regularly check the "Promotions" section to buy suitable products, for example, a reflective safety vest at a good price. You can pay for your order in cash or by bank transfer at a bank branch, terminal, or even from your PC. Delivery is available to any location in Ukraine. Details can be clarified by phone by ordering a call back.