Water bottles

Bottles for drinks

When the question arises of taking any liquid with you on the road or for a walk, for some reason the good old thermos immediately comes to mind. Until recently, there was no alternative to a rather bulky thermos; it was the one that was taken on the road, hiking and travel. Of course, a cold drink can be poured into a plastic bottle, but what about a hot one? After all, plastic is not a particularly suitable option for cold drinks, let alone hot drinks. Surprisingly, progress has also affected this area.

The thermos, familiar to everyone, has undergone modernization and turned into a convenient and practical container - a thermal cup. It is made of stainless steel and has a double body, which helps keep the drink cool on hot days and keep the contents warm in winter.

Metal and glass

Stainless steel containers are highly durable and stable to mechanical damage, they are not afraid of sudden temperature changes. Thanks to the sealed screw cap, this thermal cup can be carried both in a backpack and in a pocket without fear of liquid leaking. The shape of this “thermos” is suitable for drinking from the neck and fits comfortably in the hand. You can pour both hot coffee or tea and cold drinks into the thermal cup. It will be convenient and will not take up much space when traveling, going to workouts, or when walking in the fresh air.

Another interesting solution for storing drinks is a stylish and fashionable water bottle made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is endowed with increased resistance to mechanical damage, as well as heat resistance. Unlike plastic bottles, glass does not emit substances harmful to the human body that interact with hot drinks or acidified environments. This bottle has the optimal neck size to accommodate fruit or ice. Great for any drinks, including protein shakes, juices, water. Equipped with a neoprene cover, the bottle will maintain the temperature of the contents, will not slip out of wet palms and will fit comfortably in your hands, regardless of the temperature of the drink.

Compact and reliable bottles - on the Wolf company website

You can order fashionable and convenient water bottles by visiting the pages of the Wolf company website. Glass or stainless steel containers with a volume of 450 to 500 ml will become faithful companions, warming you in winter and cooling you in summer. By purchasing such a bottle, you will always be in trend, and besides, you can give it as a gift, expressing your concern for a loved one. Any product can be engraved or commemoratively inscribed.

For questions regarding the purchase of these products, you can contact the company’s hotline or send a message with a question to the messenger located on the website.