Stationery scissors

Clerical scissors for office needs

In the work of office employees, scissors are needed quite often. It is impossible to imagine a set of office supplies without this cutting object. It is impossible to do without office scissors in many situations, especially since this compact item can always be kept at hand at the workplace and used if necessary at any moment, without leaving anywhere.

It is familiar, ergonomic and functional a tool used in the household and industrial spheres. When choosing scissors for the office, you should focus on your needs, choosing several models at once, with long and short blades. The main requirements for the tool are its lightness, comfortable handles, steel blades without play, ease of opening and pressing.

The Wolf company (Kiev, Ukraine) offers to buy high-quality office scissors at an affordable price

The pages of our website contain a variety of models of office stationery, including the Buromax line of scissors, which can be selected according to individual needs. We offer models:

  • length from 160 to 215 mm;
  • with ergonomic plastic handles and rubberized inserts;
  • their high-quality wear-resistant and durable materials.

A variety of colors will allow you to purchase identical models in bulk, but with different shades. This is very convenient for a large office, since scissors, like pens, often “wander” from one workplace to another, and by the color of “their item,” each employee can easily find something that is lost in the wrong place. The price will not become higher. You can order a batch of the same type of models, but with different shades of handles, which will not affect the total cost in any way.

You can order stationery scissors, like all other products on our website, online by arranging delivery by Nova Poshta to a branch or by courier, to any city in Ukraine, and the delivery cost is indicated only by the carrier itself . But if the order is over 500 UAH, we will deliver the parcel at our own expense. Residents of Kyiv also have the opportunity to independently pick up their orders directly at points of sale at the addresses indicated on the website. We offer the most affordable price, and many products also have additional discounts.

Wolf Printing House is a service provider for business people

Our company offers printed and advertising souvenir products of all types, having We have our own innovative equipment park. You can buy not only ready-made goods from us, but also custom-made ones according to your own individual design. To do this, you will need an electronic version of the image. If you are unable to provide a layout, the WolsDesign Design Exchange is at your service, where you can order and choose from the proposed options.

The field of activity of our company extends further - we also offer purchases of office stationery, equipment, and household goods. Therefore, working with us, you can comprehensively purchase everything you need for the functioning of your company or manufacturing enterprise.