Copy paper

Color copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper

Drawings remain an integral part of the construction and manufacturing industry, regardless of the type of product. The technology may have changed, but the methods and principles are essentially the same. Even with the advent of modern computer-aided design with the predominance of digitization tools in design and drafting, students and professionals alike understand the importance of learning technical freehand drawing skills. Previously, the only sources for drawings were pencil, stencil and special paper.

The traditional method of creating a drawing is repetitive and time-consuming. Therefore, carbon paper (carbon paper) is used to repeat the design. To prevent the pencil image from being imprinted, thin tracing paper is usually placed. Graph paper is an indispensable assistant in creating accurate or scaled drawings.

The main advantages of using different types of paper

  • When doing manual drawing, most of the work Drafting is done by technical experts such as an architect or engineer who make their work authentic. The ability to bring creative style and expression to drawings is greater than using a computer;
  • Low cost of drawing equipment. In this craft, all you need is a drawing table or board, pencil, eraser, ruler, paper, triangles and a compass. It's cheaper than expensive software;
  • No advanced technology required. To draw up a drawing, you do not need modern technology, system engineers, IT engineers and expensive air conditioners and AC service technicians to service the paper;
  • No training required. Apart from knowledge during study, there is no need to train designers to use the software. Architects and engineers will draw their sketches, and then they will be developed by assistants in their respective professions.

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