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Sugar is an important product in people’s lives; this carbohydrate is used as a sweetener for juices, tea, baked goods, etc.

Sugar became a part of the everyday life of Europeans only in the 11th century and was available only to the rich population, because it was imported from India and Egypt. Later, Europeans began to grow sugar beets themselves and produce the product themselves. Now the world knows the following varieties of this product: cane, beet, maple, palm, sorghum. The most commonly used are cane and beet. The leaders in production are countries such as Brazil and India, followed by the EU, Thailand, and China.

Sugar in assortment on the website

In Ukraine today, mainly Ukrainian sugar is sold, which is made from sugar beets grown in the country , so its cost is relatively low.

You can buy granulated sugar or refined sugar from Ukrainian producers in our online store. Sugar stick packs are available, which are convenient for use in a shared office kitchen or coffee shop; 5 g packs replace one teaspoon.

There are also various packaging of refined sugar and loose sugar in 500, 750, 1000 grams.

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