Turkish towels

Turkey is famous for its cotton products. High-quality household items are rightfully recognized as worthy of praise. Turkish terry towels are made from high quality cotton, so they perfectly absorb moisture, are pleasant to the body and do not cause allergies. Cotton is environmentally friendly, but inexpensive.

Our online store offers to purchase cotton terry towels made in Turkey. This type of product is available in different colors. Plain items can be decorated using embroidery or sublimation printing. This service gives each client the opportunity to buy a cotton towel that will not only perform its basic functions efficiently, but will also delight you with its appearance.

If necessary, the designers of the Wolf Design Exchange can help you decide on ideas for decorating the towel.

Sublimation printing and computer embroidery

This image application technology involves two stages. First, the design is printed on special paper, which is then closely attached to the surface of the item being printed and is exposed to high temperatures. At this moment, the paint transfers from the paper to the top layer of the desired material.

An image printed in this way turns out to be bright, colorful, and durable. It does not rub off, does not succumb to external influences, and does not crack.

Using the sublimation printing method, you can apply an image to small batches of goods, including one copy.

As for embroidery, it is worth noting that we use the machine method. The result is an image of good quality and high accuracy.

Decorating towels using embroidery or sublimation printing can make things original and unique. Such a purchase will please its owner for a long time.

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