Ceramic cups

Ceramic cups

A ceramic cup for tea or coffee is an ordinary and, at the same time, necessary item in everyday life. In the morning we love to wake up with a cup of aromatic coffee, and relax after a hard day with a cup of tea with family or friends. Cups are bought and given on occasion and for no reason. Plain, with bright inscriptions and prints, they can serve not only as an excellent gift or souvenir, but also as advertising with a long-term perspective.

If you own a business, then ceramic mugs with printed on them with your company logo can be an excellent gift for clients and employees. Do you want to please a loved one with an original gift? Order an original print, which will make an ordinary cup unique and exclusive. Well, if everyone in your family has their own personal mug, then why not decorate it to your taste, thereby making it stand out among others. For example, parents can order dishes with an inscription or photo that will delight them every morning, and children can decorate their cups with bright drawings in the form of characters from their favorite cartoons.

An original gift

The times when printing was applied exclusively to a white background have sunk into oblivion. With the advent of new technologies, printing has become possible on absolutely any background, which cannot but please lovers of bright colors. A high-quality drawing or photo has good wear resistance and can withstand repeated washing both by hand and in the dishwasher. It’s not a shame to give such a cup to both your boss and your own grandmother, instead of those of the same type that are sold at every turn. Anyone will be pleased to receive an exclusive gift that will always have a use and a place.

To make the gift original, you can provide us with a drawing or photo, or use the services of the Wolf Design Exchange service. Designers will help you develop the best solution that will meet your requirements.

High-quality printing from the Wolf printing house

Order ceramic coffee cups or tea mugs Available at the printing house "Wolf" (Kyiv). You can purchase a plain cup without a pattern or place an order to have a logo, design, photo, or inscription printed on the ceramic surface. The company's high-tech equipment makes it possible to fulfill an order with high quality, with maximum color rendition.

Delivery is carried out throughout Kyiv and the territory of Ukraine using the services of the transport company "Novaya Poshta". You can check the timing of your order by contacting the company’s hotline or using the online chat on the website wolf.ua.