Pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpener: types

In the process of working with documents or correspondence, you have to make a lot of notes with a pencil, focusing on certain points, numbers, graphs or images. It is always nice to use a sharpened pencil. Long gone are the days when sharpening was done with a knife or razor blade. Today, on the shelves of stores specializing in the sale of office supplies, you can find a special device - a sharpener.

There are various models of sharpeners that ensure uniform grinding of the pencil tip along its circumference:

  • manual is the best, as it has a compact shape and is easy to maintain;
  • mechanical - equipped with special clamping “tongues” that fix the “body” of the pencil in a certain position, ensures high quality work and has a spacious container for chips;
  • automatic - works from the mains.

Devices of a mechanical nature are more voluminous; their design includes a special fastening element that ensures their secure fixation on the desktop surface. During the process of sharpening with any type of device, a translational or rotational movement of the sharp cutter is carried out in relation to the tip of the pencil.

Bringing the customer's creative fantasies to life

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