Folder - binder

To avoid chaos when working with paper documentation, each storage medium should be stored in a specially designated place. To organize documents, convenient folders are used, equipped with a special fastening mechanism in the form of two metal antennae and a locking bar. This product not only ensures the safety of all kinds of contracts, invoices, acts and forms, but also significantly reduces the time it takes to search for a certain “paper”.

Having sorted the waste material into files, it is convenient to store it in a colored folder with a binder that has a transparent front surface. The standard model can hold up to 100 sheets of A-4 format. Despite their popularity, the price of folders is quite affordable, so it is worth having several multi-colored products at your workplace in order to be able to differentiate the document flow for each topic.

Effective folders from the Wolf printing house

Despite the affordable cost of the binder folder, its potential should not be underestimated. Thanks to the sufficiently large surface, the product can be decorated in an individual style and, in parallel with its main function, serve as an advertising banner. Placing a colorful logo, emblem, symbol or other image associated with a particular company on the outside of the folder will enhance the company's image in the eyes of others. A folder, in the design of which some distinctive “sign” is used, will help you quickly concentrate and find the necessary correspondence, reports or the text of a speech for an upcoming business meeting with business partners, a planned conference or work meeting.

The Wolf online store offers its customers high-quality stationery and printing services that make it possible to add originality to any product. If the customer does not have his own ideas for the design of the selected product, he can use the help of qualified specialists from the Wolf Design Exchange. The use of exclusively designed products has a beneficial effect on the company’s reputation and makes a pleasant impression on partners.

Mutually beneficial cooperation at affordable prices

The price of binders presented in the electronic catalog of the website is so insignificant that it fully allows for the cost of an individual design. For the Wolf printing house, the size of the print run does not matter. The company is equipped with modern equipment, with which it is possible to implement any task, regardless of its volume and complexity. The details of the proposed order can be easily discussed over the phone or via email.

We deliver finished products throughout Ukraine, to the nearest branch of the Novaya Poshta courier service. Residents and guests of the capital have the opportunity to pick up goods from a warehouse in Kyiv by paying for it in cash.