A pencil is a useful stationery item that should be in the arsenal of every schoolchild, student, designer, etc. Today there are many varieties of them: according to the hardness of the lead, body material, design, the presence of an eraser and the number of pieces in the package. Wooden ones are familiar and familiar: they are characterized by simplicity of appearance and high strength. Metal ones are more functional: the body has a cap and a button, but the stylus is less protected from shock, and their prices are higher.

Lead hardness

For certain purposes, hard, soft and hard-soft leads are selected: the type can be recognized by the markings. The harder the pencil, the lighter and clearer it draws lines. Thus, solid types are more suitable for serious work: diagrams, graphs, drawings. Soft ones are more suitable for drawing: they can create a rich range of tones.

  • 2H is an ultra-hard lead that produces a rich, highly visible gray color even on the finest lines. Ideal for drawings on whatman paper. Always creates clear, strict lines with almost zero blurriness and shading.
  • H is an analogue of the previous type, but a little softer, characterized as “simply hard”. The color is a little darker. Another good option for drawing work: it will provide strict, even and clear lines in a dark color. Most popular among students and engineers.
  • HB - “medium hardness”: characterized by a darker color and slightly blurred lines. A large number of our pencils have this marking. The most versatile model: suitable for creating graphs and diagrams, as well as for drawings on canvas.
  • B - “soft”: characterized by a rich dark color and a high degree of shading. Not the most comfortable option for graphics, but well suited for drawing - creating tones and halftones on the canvas.
  • 2B and more - “super soft”: the higher the number, the darker and more saturated the color. Soft leads are suitable for creating exquisite paintings: shadows, penumbra, reflections, clear strict contours and blurry strokes are created by this type of lead. (Ukraine): stationery in Kiev for any purpose

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