Fleece blankets

Fleece bedspreads and blankets

Fleece is a knitted material that is used to produce warm clothes. This synthetic fabric has several advantages. Items made from this raw material are light in weight, dry quickly, are hypoallergenic, elastic, and have high wear resistance and strength. With proper, simple care, this material can last for many years. The undoubted advantage of fleece is its ability to retain heat, so bedspreads and blankets made from such fabric are an excellent choice for creating home comfort.

On our website you can purchase a fleece blanket or blanket from Ikea and other manufacturers. In order to make an item more original, you can print it with an image using silk screen technology. Thus, you purchase a high-quality and at the same time unique product. Specialists from the Wolf Design Design Exchange service will help you decide on an image if you don’t have a ready-made layout or idea.

Features of the silk screen

A feature of silk-screen printing technology is the ability to print not only paper, but also other materials, including fabrics. This method relies on pressing paint through a monofilament stencil, creating a combination of fills and spaces. In order to implement the process, plates are used as cliches. Thanks to the viscous structure of the inks and their ability to adhere well to the printed material, the image turns out to be embossed, bright and rich.

Buy a fleece blanket or blanket at wolf.ua (Kiev, Ukraine)

On the website wolf.ua you can purchase bedspreads, as well as fleece blankets, and order items printed with an original design to suit your own taste.

To place an order , you need to register on the website or fill out an electronic application. You can pay for goods and services using a bank card. Residents of Kyiv have access to self-pickup, and customers from other localities can receive their orders using the services of the Nova Poshta delivery service. Detailed conditions for making purchases, delivery and payment for goods can be studied on our website.

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