Booklet makers

How to organize documentation

Most companies at some stage are faced with the problem of organizing accumulated paper documentation. Heaps of accounting reports, like other documents, are placed in piles, which over time create piles.

This creates certain problems, because in the chaos it is quite difficult to quickly find the required document. Often, as a result of such storage, documentation loses its presentable appearance, gets wrinkled, and sometimes suffers from spilled coffee. You can organize papers using special bookbinding equipment, namely booklet makers.

Types of booklet makers

Booklet makers are divided into three types, depending on the type of binding. Binding is performed using plastic or metal springs, as well as combined devices that work with two types of springs. The most common is binding, which uses a plastic spring, and its main advantages include:

  • low cost of consumables;
  • the ability to change content;
  • reuse for other papers;
  • simultaneous binding of up to 500 sheets.

This type of booklet maker is used for binding price lists, presentations, and catalogues.

Devices that work with metal springs provide professional binding, are convenient and reliable. The brochure opens to three hundred and sixty degrees. The use of such booklet makers is important for fastening notebooks, notepads, loose-leaf calendars or catalogs, and their main disadvantage is their higher price compared to devices that work with a plastic spring.

Shopping in an online printing store "Wolf"

You can buy a booklet maker in Kiev or with shipping throughout Ukraine by visiting the online store of the printing house "Wolf" (Ukraine). We organize the shipment of the order to any locality in Ukraine using a transport company, and those who wish to pick up the goods themselves can arrange pickup from an office or warehouse located in the city of Kyiv.

Payment for orders is made using electronic payment systems, as well as self-service terminals. When picking up from pick-up points, payment in cash is possible, and for legal entities, payment is made in accordance with the provided invoice.