Pen stands

Convenient things for everyday life

There are many little things designed to make our lives more convenient and comfortable. We often don't notice these things, but when they aren't there, it's a nuisance. One of these invisible helpers is a pen stand. Thanks to this simple little thing, pens, pencils and other writing utensils are always in order.

A simple stand without compartments does not limit the possibilities of its use. In addition, the price of such a pen stand is very affordable, so buying this thing is a good solution for maintaining order in the workplace.

Buy a pen stand in the Wolf online store (Kiev, Ukraine)

We offer our customers a good selection of pen stands. You can purchase a metal stand of any color you like.

From us you can order not only a pen stand, but also other useful things for your home and office. All offered products can be paid for in a way convenient for you. Each buyer can independently pick up their purchase from our office in Kyiv, from a pick-up point in their home city, or order delivery by the Nova Poshta operator. In this case, you can use both targeted delivery and delivery to the company's warehouse.

Our printing house

The Wolf company creates a wide variety of printed products. These can be either the smallest business cards or larger publications, such as magazines. You can also order from us the design of household items with original images or texts.

In addition, the Wolf Design Design Exchange works for you, thanks to which you can get creative solutions for product design.

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