Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels

It is convenient to use self-adhesive labels to place information about the product. These can be sheets of different colors and formats with inscriptions and drawings. Most often, the self-adhesive label is white, but you can choose any other to harmoniously match the image on it. Specialists of the design exchange Wolf Design offer their services in developing effective images and applying them to paper. Information and advertising sheets can be pasted onto any flat surface. The gluing process does not require additional glue, the cost of production is low, and high-quality paper is used that is resistant to external influences. The Wolf company offers wholesale quantities of goods at competitive prices.

Selecting a product on the website

Purchasing goods online will help save time and material resources, online prices are lower, there is no need to go to stores. On the Wolf company website, customers are offered self-adhesive white labels in sets at affordable prices. The sets differ in the number of units and sheet format. Having chosen the self-adhesive labels that suit you, you can order products through the shopping cart, leaving your contacts. The company's managers will get in touch within a short time, help with registration, and send the goods to the buyer.

Advantages of the Wolf company

If you need to purchase self-adhesive labels, then contact the online store of the Wolf printing house (Kyiv), there is a favorable price for the goods, and you can make a purchase online. The supplier provides a guarantee of the quality of the supplied products. You can pay for your purchase either in cash or by non-cash means. Transportation throughout Ukraine will be provided by well-known transport companies. On all work issues, you have the opportunity to consult with competent employees of our company.