Printing of labels, tags, tags

Tags have long become common attributes of goods for everyone. Printing tags necessary to display the brand and create a signature element of the collection for your company's product.

What the label will tell you

A label on a swimsuit or coat always carries information about the product. It can be colorful or discreet, printed on both cardboard and plastic, but it must be informative. The tags will tell us about the operating conditions, size, composition of the material and the name of the company that produced the product. The label must contain the following information:

  • manufacturing company (brand). The buyer is more likely to make a purchase when the tag contains such information;
  • composition. It is important if the buyer has allergic reactions to any components of the material;
  • place and date of manufacture. When buying, for example, a sweater, the buyer will be sure that it was not produced in an artisanal way 10 years ago;
  • information about standards. Talks about the quality of the product;
  • operation rules. They help determine, for example, whether clothes can be ironed or at what temperature they can be washed.

Also, the company logo is often applied to the label. Without a label, it is impossible to know the size of the selected item of clothing. Also, its presence indicates that the product has not been used. Sometimes information, like a quality label, plays an important role when choosing clothes for your wardrobe. You can order the printing of high-quality labels, labels and tags for clothing and other goods at the Wolf printing house, which is located in Kiev (Ukraine).

A high-quality tag is the business card of the company

A first-class label, in addition to information, must have a presentable appearance and a laconic design, because it is the “face of the product” and a presentation of the manufacturer. The most famous types are fabric labels, which are located both on the collar part of the garment and sewn in the middle of the product, on the reverse side. But in order to give the product solidity, as a rule, the following types are also attached:

  • cardboard - made of multi-layer paper, sometimes duplicated with a plastic transparent tag;
  • plastic - can be plain, colored, or less often translucent.

A high-quality label must meet the following conditions:

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  • individual design - something that will help you recognize products among those of other manufacturers;
  • Effective and high-quality printing - does not erase or “smudge”;
  • durability - a crumpled tag on a product can affect interest in the product.
  • There are few requirements, but they can increase the demand for your goods. You can order high-quality production of labels, tags and labels for clothing with printing on the labels from the Wolf printing house in Kiev with delivery throughout Ukraine.

    Original design combined with quality

    It’s easy to emphasize your individuality with a label. The professional printing house "Wolf" has equipment that can apply such types of coatings as: velvet, varnished, laminated, embossed and other spectacular features. You can buy tags and labels for custom-made clothing from us, both in the city of Kyiv and in all cities of Ukraine. If you do not have a layout, the Wolf Design Design Exchange service is ready to help resolve this issue. The professional printing house "Wolf" will fulfill orders of varying degrees of complexity at a reasonable cost. We are ready to answer your questions on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. by calling the hotline number indicated at the top of the website.