Eco bags and their features

Recently, humanity has been seriously concerned about the issues of preserving the environment, which is significantly harmed by the use of plastic bags. The search for alternative packaging made us think about the production of paper bags. But during their production, many times more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere than when producing polyethylene packaging. In addition, paper production requires deforestation, which, of course, also affects the environment.

An excellent alternative option was the production of simple fabric bags from environmentally friendly materials (hence the prefix eco-). This bag lasts a long time, so it can perfectly replace dozens of plastic bags during daily trips to the store, to sports training and similar events.

Fabric bags on the website (Ukraine)

The range of eco-bags presented on our website allows you to select and purchase environmentally friendly packaging materials for various purposes, including a car organizer bag. The section presents products of various colors. In addition, a fabric bag is an excellent material for applying images. For this purpose, you can use a silk screen or thermal transfer.

When printed using any of the above methods, the image turns out bright and colorful.

  • In the case of thermal transfer, the design is also resistant to various types of damage, does not become cloudy and does not wear off over time.
  • The silk screen method, although it limits the size of the image to the size of the stencil itself, but it allows you to print dark material with light paint without color loss.

If necessary, our specialists will advise you which method of applying the design is best to choose for your case. In addition, you can contact the designers of the Wolf Design Exchange for advice on the design idea for the selected item.

Thus, an eco-bag purchased from us will not only become a convenient packaging material, but will also delight every customer its appearance.

Delivery of purchases

Delivery of bags (including eco-bags) from our store is possible to Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine. The service is provided by the Nova Poshta company, so the cost is calculated individually, depending on your location and delivery method (address or to a branch). When making purchases for more than 500 UAH at a time, the delivery service to the Novaya Poshta branch will be free for you.

Residents and guests of the capital can receive a fabric bag or any other purchase themselves at the address: Kiev, st. Marshala Grechko, 13.