Cardholder: a great choice

Various cards are quite popular. Banking, discount, gift, identification - the list of applications goes on. That's why a cardholder - a case for such cards - will be an excellent souvenir and will definitely yield results as an advertising tool that stands out and is useful.

Cardholder: buy and get benefits

So, cardholders are definitely worth buying, since they offer many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Useful advertising element. Protective cases for cards are rare and it is very useful to buy a cardholder, as it will be used as a good advertising tool.
  • Visibility. Credit cards are used almost every day. The same can be said about identification cards. A personalized protective case allows others to see your brand as many times as the card is removed. By adding your company logo, name and contact information to cardholders, you increase awareness, interest and curiosity about your business.
  • Always at hand. The same credit cards are always in your pocket or bag. Rarely is an advertising object located so close to the consumer.
  • Budget. Corporate gifts are an extremely profitable way of advertising. Since they are usually stored and used quite frequently, the cost per impression is minimal compared to media advertising or outdoor advertising.

Cardholders: order at Wolf Printing House

Buying a cardholder at Wolf Printing House is quite simple. However, a ready-made solution is not as interesting as a custom one with an individual design. In addition, ecology is an important criterion for many people. Paper or cardboard cardholders will emphasize corporate social responsibility and will appeal to customers much more than plastic ones.

In addition, paper and cardboard cardholders can be personalized and designed using interesting technologies, including, for example, selective varnishing or foil stamping.