Bookmark stickers

Office stickers - functional business “reminders”

Multi-colored bright leaves on an adhesive base have long been used not only in business, but also in everyday life. Bookmarks in catalogs, business documents, small “touches” to remind you of numerous small but important things that need not to be forgotten or to focus attention - adhesive stickers help indicate all this. Usually they are small paper leaves of different colors with an adhesive strip, which are perfectly attached to any surface, and can also be easily removed without damaging it, even if it is a rough paper plane.

Considering that such “reminders” about pressing matters are disposable, they are sold in packages, and each leaf can be either the same color or different, but certainly catchy and bright. At the Wolf printing house you can also buy reusable stickers-bookmarks on a plastic base, the purpose of which consists solely of highlighting the significant pages of documents and catalogs at a given specific moment. This is very convenient and stylish, compared to storing sections of documentation with scraps of paper, pens and pencils, which will certainly fall out.

Adhesive bookmarks at Wolf - wholesale and retail at the lowest price

We offer to buy plastic and paper sticker bookmarks with reliable adhesiveness, neon bright colors in packages of 100 pieces, the price will please you surprise. We do not practice any mark-ups and do not offer unpresentable goods - everything is organized rationally, democratically, with a focus on the attention and trust of our customers.

You can purchase bookmarks in both large and small quantities, and for wholesale sales we are ready to consider discount options for customers. On the product page of our website you will find information about the number of sheets in the packages, the sizes of the bookmarks, which are usually in the range of no more than 50x20 mm, as well as the proposed color options.

You can place an order directly from the website page by entering your details, delivery address and contact information. Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer according to the issued invoice.

Wolf is an advertising and production company, so you can order any printed and souvenir products from us with your own logo or any image according to the customer’s layout. The original is needed in electronic form. In case of difficulties, our Design Exchange Wolf Design will help you.

Delivery of orders throughout Ukraine

We organize transportation of orders to all localities of the country using the services of Nova Poshta, and not only delivery is possible to the department, but also to the address. Residents of Kiev can also receive goods at the addresses indicated on the website, by pickup, and if the amount exceeds 500 UAH, or we are late with the order, we will deliver at our own expense.