A large assortment of cups and thermal mugs

A cup is an indispensable element in the kitchen and on the go, which is found in every home. Mugs often break and chip, so they have to be changed quite often.

Classic shopping in a kitchenware store is no longer relevant; people increasingly prefer shopping in online stores, saving money and time. The website provides a large selection of mugs; you can buy cups online in various designs, colors, and sizes. We sell classic ceramic and porcelain cups, two-piece glasses and thermal mugs, metal hiking mugs at the best price in Ukraine.

Thermal mug is an indispensable assistant

The thermal mug has been popular for many years, classic large thermoses gradually fade into the background. A small mug (from 200 to 500 ml) allows you to keep the temperature of the drink unchanged for a long time (some models - up to 8 hours). It is very convenient to give tea to your child at school or take coffee with you on the road, and in the summer it will keep water or juice cool. Such a mug is indispensable for people working on the street, who simply have nowhere to have a snack during the working day, and you can even pour broth into this mug for lunch.

Wolf printing house online store (Kiev, Ukraine): buy cups in one click

You can order thermal mugs and cups on our website with delivery in Kyiv and throughout the country. We offer a large selection of goods for home and hiking: thermal bags, sets of dishes, umbrellas, thermoses, etc. When purchasing products from us, you can order printing on dishes, make branded cups for employees for the office kitchen, or order a personalized cup as a gift, the price for printing is - profitable, delivery is possible both in Kyiv and in any region of Ukraine. If you don’t have a layout, don’t waste time looking for a designer, but order a layout from our design exchange Wolf Design.

We have been providing printing services for over 24 years and are leaders in the Ukrainian market. Thanks to a convenient online form, you can place an order and pay for goods without leaving your home.