Wallets and business card holders

What is a cardholder

Payout cards, credit cards, savings and discount cards from different stores are important and always necessary, but it is difficult to place all the cards in one wallet. An excellent solution to this problem would be a credit holder or card holder.

Standard cardholders have dimensions of 115 by 68 mm and are equipped with transparent partitions between card compartments. Card holders close with a button and a zipper; models can be with or without lining. The online store of the Wolf printing house offers a wide selection of such cases.

Where in Ukraine it is profitable to buy a credit card holder (cardholder)

On the website of the Wolf printing house, in the souvenir products section, a wide range of card holders is presented. All products are made of leather, which indicates their high quality. There are card holders that close with a zipper and a button. Color range of the presented models. Available colors:

  • black;
  • gray;
  • raspberry;
  • white;
  • plum;
  • mint.

There are card holders from the companies "Glaze", Tracery", "Stria". It is convenient to buy card holders directly on the website or at the central office in Kiev at favorable prices.

The advantage of shopping in the online store of the Wolf printing house

You can buy a credit card holder and many other useful products on our website or at the address: Ukraine, Kiev, Dovzhenko st. 3. In addition to a wide range of products in the souvenirs section, we also offer printing services. A pattern can be applied to the selected product based on your layout. If there is no ready-made layout, use the help of the specialists of the Wolf Design Exchange.

We will make delivery of goods to any corner of Ukraine. Write or call our consultants, and they will give qualified answers to all your questions.

The Wolf company has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 1995, more than 20,000 clients have already used our services, Among them are large advertising agencies.We guarantee the quality of our products.