A badge is a plastic or cardboard card indicating the identity of a person and his affiliation with a specific organization that issued it. Such accessories are often issued to their employees by large companies and government services: media, gas and telecommunications holdings, police and fire departments, city improvement services and others. And at exhibitions and presentations, representatives of each company represented there are supplied with them: it is by the badge that you can identify the representative of a particular company in the lobby.

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Types of badges

These accessories eliminate a lot of problems: you can easily find a representative of the desired company in the crowd, politely address him by his first name and patronymic, and also present yourself among representatives of other companies without further ado . This accessory will also confirm your identity: full name, photo, organization - and the security will not have any unnecessary questions. You can buy a badge in Kyiv at a low price on our website. The following types of products are available for you.

  • Horizontal identifier. The fields for full name and photograph are placed horizontally: on the left - last name, first name and patronymic, on the right - photo of the owner. It is attached and presented horizontally. It looks like a flat rectangular card. You can always buy such a badge in Kyiv at a low price in our online store.
  • Vertical. The fields for the full name and photograph are placed vertically: at the top is the owner’s photo, at the bottom is the last name, first name and patronymic. It is attached vertically to a cord or clip: this is exactly how it is presented. You can always buy such a badge at a low cost on the Internet resource
  • Clip. Badge Attachments: With this plastic “clothes clip,” the accessory can be attached to a pocket, collar, or special lanyard. Order badges only with clips for ease of use.
  • Lanyard (with clip). It is much more convenient to attach the identifier not to an item of clothing, but to wear it with a cord around the neck. For such cases, special laces of different colors made of textile and plastic have been invented. Order badges together with laces: the final cost will not increase much.

    The price of a badge depends on the material, type and size: choose the best option for yourself. (Ukraine): order a badge for a company or individual

    In our online store you can buy plastic badges with delivery to Kyiv or another city in Ukraine. We offer printing services for you: we can put your logo or original design on the ID. If you don’t have your own layout, the designers of the Wolf Design exchange are always ready to help the client and make his wishes come true. Delivery of products throughout Ukraine is carried out by the transport company “Novaya Poshta”: you can pick up the goods from the nearest branch or order delivery to your door. If you are in Kyiv, you can independently visit the pick-up point or warehouse.