A way to highlight a person’s achievements

To highlight a person, emphasize achievements, the fact of being awarded, there are various ways. Any of the selected options can be effectively complemented by awarding a worthy employee with a diploma. As a rule, this is done in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of other people. So a diploma is a way to recognize a person’s merits and stimulate other employees. For the owner himself, this document is a memorable sign, reminding of achievements and also stimulating him to develop further. Therefore, a competent approach to the design of souvenirs of this kind is very important.

What a diploma should look like

Each of us has an idea of ​​what this memorial sign should look like. Of course, it should leave an impression of solemnity and importance. However, there are several points that are important to consider when ordering diplomas.

The design should be solemn, but not very bright, since it is important to comply with corporate ethics. It’s good when the diploma is decorated with the company’s distinctive signs. If you do not have a ready-made design layout, you can use the services of the Wolf Design Design Exchange.

The frame gives the diploma a completed look. It should look harmonious, so it is important to choose the right color, shape and thickness.

It is important to leave a space not sealed with paint for signature and printing, because ink practically does not stick to the paint.

Order printing of diplomas at the Wolf printing house

At the Wolf printing house, each client can choose not only the desired parameters of the printed product, but also decide on its format. We offer the following options:

  • classic;
  • with a glossy or matte finish;
  • economy;
  • Sost Touch;
  • eco;
  • options on designer cardboard;
  • Premium options.

You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each offered unit directly in the section. To do this, you need to hover the cursor over the position of interest. On the viewing page you can study the order parameters, if desired, change some and fill out the order form. If you need to consult with our managers, contact them by phone or request a call back.

The completed order can be picked up at your own expense or use the services of Nova Poshta for delivery. You can pay in any convenient way, which can be found in the “Delivery and Payment” section.