Toilet paper

A wide variety of toilet paper

There are a number of hygiene items that are difficult to live without. This includes toilet paper. This product is always in great demand, regardless of the economic situation and other factors. That is why manufacturers offer a wide variety of types of this hygiene item.

First of all, paper differs in the production method and comes in three grades:

  • highest - made from recycled wood, has white color, soft texture, perfectly soluble in water (often available with added flavorings);
  • medium - made from mixed raw materials (wood and recycled materials in a certain ratio), has a white color (dimmer than in the first case), has high strength and excellent solubility;
  • low - made from recycled materials, has a gray color and low strength, low price is a priority.

Also, toilet paper may differ in structure (one-, two- , three- or four-layer), length of winding, presence or absence of perforation, chemical composition (colored or white, with or without odor), etc.

How to choose toilet paper

Despite the low cost of low-grade toilet paper, most buyers prefer the first two because of the main advantages (strength, soft structure). Before you buy this hygiene product in Ukraine, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • material of manufacture (for people with sensitive skin it is preferable to use the first grade);
  • disintegration into fibers under the influence of water;
  • adding additional elements (paint and flavoring can negatively affect the health of people prone to allergic reactions);
  • the third grade is suitable for people who prefer to save money, as well as those who are concerned about environmental issues (the use of recycled materials leads to a reduction in deforestation on the planet).

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Online store of the Wolf printing house: prompt order, fast delivery in Ukraine, Kiev

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