Stationery tape

Adhesive tape

Irreplaceable adhesive tape in everyday life is called “scotch” due to the well-known brand, but the word itself has become a common noun and is used as a synonym for brevity. The tape is used to secure and protect packaging; it can be double-sided or single-sided, transparent or of a certain color. Scotch tape can have different degrees of stickiness depending on the glue, and vary in width and density. The cost of stationery tape depends on its density, width and many other parameters, as well as on the manufacturer and supplier - the Wolf company offers favorable delivery conditions. Effective advertising is adhesive packaging tape with the company logo. A product packaged in this way indicates the manufacturer or supplier. Design exchange Wolf Design offers services for applying advertising inscriptions to adhesive tape. You can use ready-made logos, or our printing house specialists will help you develop new design solutions.

How to choose and order

Selling goods online saves time and resources, the buyer does not need to go shopping, and the price on the Internet is lower. The website offers customers adhesive stationery film, transparent tape, white, brown and some other colors. For convenient packaging, the tape is inserted into special guns, which can also be purchased in our online store. The tape can be on a foam, fabric or other basis; the tape differs in the width and length of the roll. Select the products you need and place an order. The managers of our company will promptly consider your application and send the goods to the specified address in a short time.

Advantages of a trusted supplier

If you need to buy adhesive tape, stationery tape, film and other similar products, then contact the online store of the Wolf printing house (Kiev, Ukraine) , our prices will please customers. The purchase can be picked up from the warehouse, or reliable transport companies will deliver the goods to any region of Ukraine. You can pay for your purchase in a way convenient for the client, in cash or by non-cash means. The supplier provides a guarantee of product quality. If you have any additional questions, please contact our company employees and receive comprehensive information.