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Where did the hanger come from?

American films of various genres are often remembered not only for their plot, but also for their details. One of them is the constant use of such signs on door handles with different inscriptions. The most popular inscription – “Do not disturb” – appears on the doors of hotel rooms and on the handles of children’s rooms. These same signs are called hengers. They come in three types:
  • household;
  • informative;
  • advertising.
Hanger in advertising – it's a kind of flyer. However, for marketing purposes they create hangers not only for handles, but also for bottles, hangers, book holders, shelves and the like. This approach allows you to reach not only the target, but also the potential audience, and - as a result - get the maximum benefit from advertising.

What should an advertising hanger be?

Actually, the advantages of this advertising medium may sometimes not be enough to get a result that will exceed expectations. Therefore, what should effective, profitable hangers be like?

  • Non-standard. Monotonous and similar flyers are not just ineffective. They do not evoke any feelings in the audience, except perhaps fatigue and disgust. What helps make an impression is something that attracts attention and leads to a reaction - positive or negative. Both admiration and indignation work in the same way; only the right “dosage” is required.
  • Direct contact. Few people won't react to something hanging on their doorknob. However, one of two reaction options is needed - take it and consider it, and not throw it in the trash.
  • Alternative. If the flyer can be used in another way - for example, placing a cup of coffee on it - its effectiveness increases. When he can be interested in something - an anecdote, a joke, a meme - the chances that the owner will show it to others become very large.
  • Dimensions. The hanger should have dimensions corresponding to the usual dimensions of a bag or backpack. Then they are more likely to take it with them for a better look.

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94x54 mm
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86x46 mm