Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging: top five advantages

Corrugated cardboard is becoming an increasingly popular material for packaging. It is ideal for storing and transporting various goods. Ordering corrugated packaging means receiving a number of important advantages:

  • Strength. Corrugated cardboard can be of different thicknesses and consist of a different number of layers. At the same time, even thin corrugated cardboard can perfectly protect its contents. Each wall consists of two outer layers of linerboard, forming a sandwich around an inner layer of ribbed corrugated sheet. The outer layers provide some rigidity, while the central ribbed section provides shock absorption to protect items if the drawer gets crushed.
  • Versatility. Corrugated packaging can be adapted to safely transport a wide range of goods, including food products and large appliances.
  • Design variety. Packaging can be designed to fit the size and shape of a specific product. The production of corrugated packaging with printing on different sides, as well as die-cutting, gives even more space to designers.
  • Environmentally friendly. Corrugated packaging is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable.
  • Efficiency. The production of corrugated packaging is a fairly budget option. Corrugated cardboard is an affordable material; most companies that need to ship goods can buy corrugated packaging. However, the cost savings provided by corrugated cardboard don't end there. Its multi-layer construction means it can withstand the same pressure as other materials, but weighs significantly less. Durable and lightweight corrugated cardboard boxes ensure low delivery costs.

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