American paper folders (Manila)

Manila folder: what do you know about it?

You can and should store documents in order. Everyone knows this - this way you can always quickly find the document you need and the storage looks beautiful. It is known that a tidy workplace contributes to greater productivity and efficiency. But let's get back to our... bananas. The origin of the product is connected with them.

Where did the name come from?

It all started with the fact that ordinary cardboard folders did not save us from water. Of course, then, at the dawn of the 20th century, they had not yet thought about plastic, so manila paper (cardboard) came into view. It was made from banana fiber, fragments of which could be seen with the naked eye. By the way, this is now one of the most current trends - lint in paper pulp.

Such a semi-envelope well protected the contents from getting wet, light, and dust. This way, the documentation retained its neat, presentable appearance for longer. As a result, this simple stationery item quickly spread not only throughout the States, but also in other countries. They try to buy neat Manila (or American) folders for every office.

What else is worth knowing?

Today, such products are also made from polymer materials, but the silhouette always remains the same: a rectangular envelope for A4 (or other) format with two or three open edges, along the long edge of which there is a label. It helps you keep all your documentation organized and quickly find the packages you need without removing the contents.

By the way, it is the American paper folder that is used in US government agencies. Film footage shows drawers with only them. Moreover, this silhouette is also used to design directory icons in the popular computer operating system.

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