Menu and sets

Every detail is important in creating a positive image of an establishment: experienced staff, original interior and unusual concept. Menu printing for a restaurant plays an important role. After all, this will begin the client’s close acquaintance with your brand.

Printing a menu - secrets of development and design

The menu is the first thing that a restaurant or cafe visitor picks up when he sits down at a table, so it is a kind of business card of the restaurant. The menu can either pleasantly surprise or disappoint the guest. The amount of the order receipt and the chance of getting a regular customer depend on this first impression. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay all the necessary attention to creating a menu and take into account the following features:

  • pricing policy and type of institution;
  • paying ability of the target audience ;
  • style of room design and service;
  • number of main and seasonal dishes.
Analysis of these indicators will help you understand what to focus on when developing visual design. The quality of the material, the use of photos of culinary masterpieces, the description and composition of dishes, and the like. Clients who do not have a layout should use the services of the Wolf Design Exchange. Professional designers will develop a high-quality offer in accordance with your requirements and needs.

Nets - advertising opportunities of an ordinary napkin

Nets are a practical combination of an advertising and informational means with a decorative and protective one. They are also called placemetams. These are disposable paper napkins that are placed under dishes and drinks. Nets protect the table surface from dirt and scratches. In addition, useful, advertising, and entertainment information is printed on placemats. While waiting for the dish, the client can read or look at the inscriptions and images on the originally designed napkin. Therefore, it is beneficial for restaurateurs to place on their sets:

  • a list of seasonal, holiday dishes or masterpieces from the chef - it will interest the guest and convince them to order something new, unique, new;< /li>
  • advertising or news of dishes that will appear in the establishment in the near future - to intrigue the visitor to come again;
  • interesting, unobtrusive stories or graphic stories about restaurant food - origin, ingredients, secrets cooking;
  • coloring books or comics - they will entertain the children until the order is brought.

Advantages of ordering menus and sets on

Printing Wolf offers to order high-quality printing of menus, sets and wine lists for your restaurant, bar, cafe, club, bistro. Depending on the type of layout, you can choose coated matte, offset or craft paper to create. Double-sided matte lamination at the request of the client will add durability and aesthetics. Learn more about the available printing options for each type of menu on the offer page.