Printing on oracal, plastic

What is printing on oracal and its advantages

Domestic advertisers call self-adhesive film made of polyvinyl chloride as oracal. In fact, oracal is a type of film from the German manufacturer Orafol, which is distinguished by its practicality and functionality. So, the name appeared in the same way as “copier” with “diapers” - from its own it became common. Among the many uses, one of the most popular is oracal printing. It should be noted that there is a wide range of films that are suitable for this purpose. And, also, tests and images can be applied in any colors of varying detail and contrast. Depending on the needs, available options of various scales and areas - from stickers on goods to posters and signs for stores.

Possibilities and features of printing on plastic

One of the most wear-resistant materials in printing is plastic. This type of advertising looks expensive and respectable. In addition, you can print anything - from diplomas and plaques to large-format signs. A significant advantage of printing on plastic is the almost unlimited options for the background image and the title block or image. PVC can also be shaped into the desired shape to better achieve your advertising goal. Plastic is also suitable for creating original things such as board games or special cards. The finished product retains its original appearance for a long time and creates a pleasant impression on those who use it.

What kind of printing is possible in Wolf

The Wolf printing house accepts such layouts from clients who meet the company’s requirements . If you don’t have a good layout, Wolf Design is always at your service - Design Exchange. You can print the desired products on self-adhesive film of the “economy”, “standard”, “premium” or transparent classes. Options for printing on plastic depend only on the wishes and ideas of the client. And so that their implementation 100% meets expectations, when ordering it is better to consult with the managers of Wolf Printing House.