Printing pictures

Photo printing of paintings

Making paintings on canvas using photo printing is a way to get an excellent reproduction that is similar to the original image. A canvas printed on canvas looks much better than a reproduction on paper and can decorate an apartment or office. You can print whatever you want on this material - a landscape or a portrait of your favorite artist, a photograph, a collage. Printed copies of paintings on canvas will add comfort and sophistication to any room.

Manufacturing technology

The materials produced today (natural or synthetic) are quite durable and stretch well on the subframe, are not susceptible to moisture and temperature changes, as well as fading. Creating a manual copy of a painting is a very labor-intensive process and requires considerable skill on the part of the copyist, which is quite expensive. The technology of printing on canvas reduces the cost of the process, and also makes it possible to print a copy of the image, accurately conveying all the colors and shades. On the wall of your apartment, a painting printed on canvas will look like a real work of art.

The production of a painting printed on canvas most often involves the use of a printer or large-format plotter and pigment ink. After applying the image, the canvas is covered with a layer of varnish, and sometimes also with gel, to create the effect of brushstrokes with oil paint. You should choose the type of canvas based on the image you plan to print. For reproductions painted in oil, it is worth using a material that imitates real fabric, and for photographs, a material with a smoother surface.

Ordering a painting for the wall from the Wolf printing house is simple and fast

Wolf printing house (Kiev) offers clients printing paintings of various sizes on natural thick canvas with a stretcher. We guarantee high image quality. Small-sized printed pictures, tastefully selected and placed on the wall of any room, can be replaced by one large image. If you do not have a layout for printing, then the Wolf Design design exchange service will provide the services of experienced designers. The choice is up to the client, and our employees are always ready to give advice and assist in the choice.

You can order a print of a painting on canvas from any location in Ukraine, delivery is carried out by Nova Poshta to Kharkov, Odessa, Chernigov and other cities of the country. Pickup is possible in Kyiv. Payment is made in cash through Privatbank terminals or using the Privat24 service; non-cash payments are also possible.