Printed souvenirs

This printing innovation cannot but attract attention, because you will have to tinker with it a lot (in the good sense of the word).
Like any industry characterized by a high degree of competition, advertising printing is developing very rapidly.

Souvenir products are an effective advertising ploy

A sign of successful advertising is the rapid dissemination of information and the ability to attract attention. In the age of technological progress, there is no more effective way to realize both tasks than to use souvenirs. It’s difficult to surprise the public with figurines and magnets, but any audience will love practical, dynamic things.

Souvenir products can be distributed as prizes, gifts, bonuses: the necessary symbols will definitely catch your eye during the entertainment. Printing toads, once in a modern friendly team, will become an integral part of every break, which means they will always be in sight of potential clients. It's hard not to pay attention to such funny little things!

Advertising fans are a universal option, because they are a way to kill several birds with one stone:

  • attract attention with symbols and successfully highlight the name of the advertised brand;
  • interpret the details of the fan as a catalog of services or products offered;
  • offer an accessory with a practical function for adults and children.

In addition, the logo can be duplicated on this souvenir product, and it is likely that several copies will end up not only in Kiev , but also in other cities, increase the chances of new customers.

The production of souvenirs, of course, is used not only for commercial purposes. For example, puzzles with an interesting image and a logo in a prominent place will brighten up the wait in line at your office or become entertainment for the children of your clients. And by placing a memorable photo on the puzzles, you will prepare an unusual gift for friends or family, which can be fun to assemble and place in a frame.

High-quality images and three-dimensional details on souvenirs in the Wolf printing house

In the “Souvenirs” section on our website we offer products that require high-quality execution. The innovative technologies used in the Wolf printing house make it possible to create even three-dimensional details that you want to touch. The use of 3D printing in the advertising industry is rapidly gaining popularity, because the attractive cost of printing and the quickly achieved results cannot but please customers.

Bright, high-quality inks adhere well to materials, do not wear off during practical use and do not fade over time . Ecological products are completely safe for children and do not lose quality when exposed to sunlight or air humidity. Kyiv, Kharkov, Lviv - high-quality production of Wolf souvenir products is available throughout Ukraine.

Order printing from the Wolf printing house - simple and reliable

Decades pass, but printed advertising remains popular and in demand. It’s easy to invest money economically and create effective advertising by trusting the Wolf printing house. Kyiv, Odessa, all of Ukraine and even other countries use our services: high-quality souvenirs, prompt delivery and loyal prices deserve consumer recognition. The number of regular customers has exceeded 20 thousand, which means that the Wolf company is moving in the right direction.

If you have no ideas or don’t know how to properly realize your creative fantasies, we invite you to Here professional designers will help you make high-quality advertising, guided not only by the rules of aesthetics, but also by knowledge of psychology. Advertising success is achieved with Wolf!