Branding sugar sticks: a modern vector

In the past, packaging was simply designed to protect goods. Today it is an integral part of the product itself and the most important component in its promotion. Single-use bags containing a variety of products are becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers have the opportunity to capitalize on the trend by investing in advanced stick printing, thereby increasing their market share as well as profitability.

Sugar Stick Printing: Benefits

Stick Branding – A great way to convey a message and highlight your corporate identity in a positive and effective way. Most often, the audience comes into contact with sugar sticks during moments of relaxation after a meal or during a coffee break, so people are loyal and can better perceive advertising information that attracted their attention. Other advantages include:

  • variable design
  • wide coverage;
  • affordable cost;
  • unconventional way to leave contacts;
  • li>
  • targeting possibility;

Printing sticks: application

Branding sticks is a unique tool for advertising and promotion. Sugar in individual packaging can be offered to guests in your office, visitors to exhibitions and other similar events. It is also worth considering distribution through cafes and restaurants located, for example, in the area of ​​interest to you. Stick printing can be ordered for

  • advertising a brand as a whole or a specific product;
  • promoting special offers;
  • sponsorship;
  • special events
  • raffles

Thus, advertising on sugar sticks is a universal, profitable and interesting tool for promoting a variety of services or products.